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A Bit About Us

Reefton Who Cares was formed in 1986 by a group of locals who were concerned about the communities access to services around the Coast. Using their own money to fund the organisation in the early days, their mission was to make life a little easier for the locals. Over 30 years later that is still our mission and while the faces may have changed the goal is still the same.

Reefton Who Cares is an incorporated society and registered with NZ Charity Services. We are run by a committee made up of local volunteers with the daily running of of the house and services done by staff members, and in some cases volunteers.

All in all we are a community organisation, helping and supporting our community and run by the community. We think that’s pretty neat.


Our Mission Statement

Reefton Who Cares is a social support organisation that is dedicated to providing quality support and services to meet the community’s needs, thus promoting a sense of well being that enables people to confidently participate in all aspects of life.

To do this we offer a range of different services for both families and individuals. We have partnerships with other support organisations who work out of our community house and we offer events and services run by our own staff and volunteers. To learn more about what we have to offer check out our What We Do tab on the menu.

We are not social workers or support workers, we aim to work as a hub. Because why duplicate what other people are already doing so well? We can help connect you with other groups, services and organisations so that you get the right help when you need it, from the right people.

Who Cares House has evolved over the years alongside the community. As things are always changing we encourage the community to get involved and have their say. Reefton Who Cares House serves the community and as such we want to hear from you, what services do you want us to offer? What events do you think we could run? Tell us so we can explore the options.

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Reefton Who Cares House

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