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Making a Donation

Here at Who Cares House donations are critical for our operation. So we always appreciate when someone wants to donate some of their hard earned income to help keep us going. Read below to learn more about how we are funded, why we need donations and how you can help us.

About Our Funding

Currently our two main funders are The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) and Lottery Grant Board, although we are extremely grateful for their help as we couldn’t operate at all without their funding, sadly it doesn’t cover all our costs and is limited in what we can use it for.

For example, our Food Bank isn’t funded by either COGS or Lottery Grant Board, neither of them have funds for Food Banks. In fact food in general isn’t funded, so even all the lovely and welcoming morning teas at the Community House are provided from donations from the public and these are just two examples.

There is a lot more we can do with more funding and the only reliable way to get it is with donations from the public. We all can get annoyed with every organisation and their dog asking for yet another donation, but for us, it really is critical to our continued operation and is directly tied to what we can and cannot do.


How to Make a Donation

We want to make things simple for you so we have a couple of different ways that you can make a donation to Who Cares House.

  • In person at the Community House, simply come in during our open hours to make a cash donation and get a receipt.
  • Using online banking or direct deposit. Our bank details are Reefton Who Cares Inc BNZ 02-0880-0003727-000
    Please use Donation as the reference.
  • Lastly we also accept donations via a secure payment platform (Stripe) for credit or debit cards. Click here to go to the credit or debit card donation window or scroll to the bottom of the page.
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Remember if you want you can always make your donation a recurring donation. Using Credit or Debit card just click the box for recurring payments. For Bank transfers and deposits you can set up automatic payments that will repeat at whatever interval suits you.

Feeling Generous Today?

So you’ve been checking us out well we hope you like what you see

Maybe you could considering helping us out by leaving us a donation as our piggy bank gets rather hungry