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Community Garden

Gardening is about more than just growing things. It can bring us together and help us relax and unwind. It can provide nourishment for our bodies and our minds. As well as teaching us important life lessons like patience and acceptance. At Who Cares House we want our community garden to be a holistic and inclusive experience for the community.

We are still in our first year of this project so things might seem small but don’t be discouraged, we are committed to not just maintaining what we have but expanding and evolving the garden. So really now it the perfect time to get involved, share your ideas and your vision for a community garden. Help us create a beautiful and inclusive space for all of the community.

Want to get involved?

Getting involved is easy, just pop in on the days we are open, which is currently the same hours as the community house. You can do as little or as much as you like. Whilst there is always something to be done, making new beds or weeding existing ones for example, if gardening doesn’t interest you, you are more than welcome to just sit and chat. The space is meant to be enjoyed and we hope that everyone can find something about the community garden to enjoy and get involved in.

Still not enough? Check out the RWC Community Garden Facebook group, there you can chat about the garden or just gardening in general, check out photos and keep up to date with what is happening in the community garden.

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